Comic 34 - Rushes: Page 34

5th Jun 2012, 6:37 AM in Rushes
Rushes: Page 34
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GamerGirlPerson 5th Jun 2012, 7:04 AM edit delete reply
*Shakes fist at computer screen* GO TO THE HERO, FOOL! GOOOOOOOOOOO Q_Q She's so terrified... I neeeeeeeed to hug her so much Q.Q
Iugulare 5th Jun 2012, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
Poor little baby...
Only having RGB to comfort her makes it SO MUCH WORSE.
Also, very nice touch with RGB speech bubble line start shaky then smooth out as he collects himself.
MaidOfDarkness 5th Jun 2012, 12:19 PM edit delete reply

That's all he can say



YOU GODDAMNED BASTARD! God, but I love him for that OTL

Nice page though
Guest 5th Jun 2012, 10:28 PM edit delete reply
I like how her llttle toes curl up and RGB better man up on the next page.

Having a little girl save you and her getting stabbed in the process is not cool.
ManifestDoom 6th Jun 2012, 2:20 AM edit delete reply
Oh seems I am the only one who thinks our dear Hero is a boy...
Ah well. I am hoping RGB can help him...or her.
Mod 6th Jun 2012, 7:55 AM edit delete reply
Hero is a girl- check back a little ways ;)
ManifestDoom 8th Jun 2012, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
Oh, I see, my mistake!
Guest 6th Jun 2012, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
Umm guy you need to read a few pages back,hero is a she.
A fan 12th Jun 2012, 4:36 PM edit delete reply
NOOOO !! Hero you... You can't die yet !!
God, i love this comic. RGB, help her damnit !! And hurry !
( excuse my english, I'm french so I gess there is a lor of mistakes, forgive me, please)
Thoses creatures are making me a little bit scary...
Czerkthejerk 23rd Jan 2014, 3:34 PM edit delete reply
Whoever made this character is a freaking genius.